The Route

Many walkers enter for the whole weekend and the challenge of walking 43 miles over 2 days. However, lots more prefer shorter walks and Hike4hospices is arranged into 6 legs of varying distances to suit most abilities ranging from the inexperienced to the seasoned Club walker.

When planning your day, it is important for you to be realistic about the time that you will need to complete the walk or ride. Our opening and closing times are calculated assuming that you will be able to walk at an average speed of 2m.p.h. or more. We cannot be responsible for entrants who arrive after last closing times or bus times.

The walk will go from east to west with 3 legs on Saturday and 3 legs on Sunday. However, you can enter for the whole route from Lewes to Goodwood, but you must start on Saturday and finish on Sunday.

Your choices:


Leg 1 Lewes to Pyecombe 9 miles

Leg 2 Pyecombe to Botolphs 8 miles

Leg 2a Devils Dyke to Botolphs 5 miles


Leg 3 Botolphs to Amberley 14 miles

Leg 4 Amberley to Goodwood 12 miles

Leg 4a Eartham to Goodwood 5miles

Greater detail about each leg is available below and all walkers will receive detailed notes and a route map at the start of each leg. Limited supplies of water will be available to top up bottles, free of charge, at bases. Car parking is available at most starts and finishes but check below. Just click on the button.


There are two rides that follow the walkers’ route generally but there are some changes which are detailed below. They are both on Sunday. There is no Saturday bike ride. Transport back to the starts for both riders and their bikes will be available at the extra cost of £10 but must be pre-booked. A small food pack will be given (included in the registration fee). Bike4Hospices will have a mobile support team with facilities for repairs and pick ups, contactable by mobile phone (subject to limited network coverage in some areas) Free car parking is available at Spring Barn Farm and Botolphs. There is a campsite at Spring Barn Farm. Click below for further details.

Bike 1 Lewes to Goodwood 42 miles

Bike 2 Botolphs to Goodwood 25 miles

Both Hike4Hospices and Bike4Hospices will be supported by signage, and marshals. St John Ambulance will be in attendance. Refreshments will be available at all bases except Lewes Town Hall, Devil’s Dyke (water only) and Eartham (water only).